Natural stone is a natural choice in modern and contemporary design.

We’ve been in the business of helping designers capture their visions for beautiful spaces for over 30 years. Capturing the awe of guests from curbside to turn down is no easy feat. Beautiful entries and lobbies, and guest room “first impressions” are like a well-timed and executed dance. The hospitality industry strives to make the guest experience feel, as close to home as possible. The great ones create experiences you wish you could take home! Designers work closely with hoteliers to ensure their design concepts make this happen.

As people strive to live healthier, happier lives, their preferences have become a part of design table discussions. From clean eating to minimizing carbon footprints; people are consciously making more responsible lifestyle choices. These choices brought to the forefront modern and contemporary design styles. These styles offer aesthetically pleasing decor that compliments healthy lifestyles.  They also create spaces for people to thrive.

Natural stone is a natural option for such spaces. It is resilient and offers the feel of luxury. Additionally, natural stone is long-lasting. It stands up to the elements. It’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture and mold makes it a go-to for designers. Modern style focuses on minimalism, neutral colors, clean design lines and environmentally-friendly materials.

We’ve seen design trends come and go. It looks like modern and contemporary influences are here to stay.

A gorgeous bathroom beckons us all to come in and spend a little time. Today, the “spa experience” is what guests are looking for. Beautiful natural stones like marble and quartz create an intimate feel of luxury.

Natural stone brings beauty and style into any space. In the kitchen, it’s ease of care makes it the most popular choice for counter tops and floors. With the wipe of a cloth spills disappear, no cleaning agents required.

Natural stone is long-lasting, durable and resilient. It’s variation in texture and color allows it to compliment the modern/contemporary design style. Frequented areas can maintain their beauty with the use of natural stone flooring.

We have extensive domestic supply and fabrication capabilities. Our domestic capabilities offer freedom of material selection, highest quality workmanship, affordable pricing and quick turn-arounds; as well as Turn-Key options (yes, we install too!).

Are you working on a project that requires sourcing of natural stone? We would love to talk with you about your project and share how we might help.

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