It’s no secret that hotels are all about maximizing space for guests, especially in smaller rooms. With most travelers today carrying less luggage, it eliminates the need for large closet space. Guests are also spending less time in their rooms and more time in the lobby areas and areas beyond the hotel.  As a result, closets and drawers are designed to allow the guest to store what they absolutely need and pack their belongings quickly and seamlessly.

The typical traveler can be categorized as middle-class workers who need the room to work for them. As a result, designers are creating spaces that allow them to store their belongings and pack them right back up with ease. We all know that feeling of uncertainty when we ask ourselves if we could have possibly left something behind back in the hotel room after check-out. That issue will soon become a thing of the past as rooms will have more open spaces for storing your personal belongings. Most hotels with smaller rooms are creating partially open closets allowing the guest to conveniently place all of their necessities for the duration of the trip.

With luggage sizes in mind, designers have also incorporated hotel beds that are dual purpose and serve as storage space as well. Drawers and shelves are placed underneath, allowing travelers to store their belongings without creating additional clutter in the room. Some beds are even designed specifically around the size and dimension of a typical carry-on, allowing the traveler to place their luggage underneath the bed with ease.

Researchers have spent a lot of time figuring out the habits of most travelers today and they are finding that a guest’s stay at a hotel usually doesn’t require them to fully unpack their luggage. With room sizes shrinking, it is imperative that designers maximize each space with functionality, comfort, and efficiency in mind without compromising the overall guest experience. Check out some of our favorite space closet designs exhibiting minimalism at its best on our Pinterest page by following @mysemfim.


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