When you’re on ground zero of a bathroom design project the first thing you do is research. Looking around to see what’s been created before to shake-up your imagination should always be one of your strategies. Instagram is perfect for this. It’s visual. Brief. And fast. Within a short time you can have an extensive mood board to define the “look and feel” of your project, identify vendors, create a shortlist of contractors and launch your design ideas.


Starting is easy. Searching hashtags will bring you an avalanche of ideas. Try #bathroomideas and you will find nearly fifty-five thousand posts. Try #bathroom and you will find five million posts! It seems designers and bathroom aficionados can’t stop posting about the the bathrooms they love.

From clean, contemporary, spa-like retreats to rustic country home feels, Instagram provides tens of thousands of beautiful examples for you. From there you can start picking materials, colors and layouts to inform your design ideas. Little by little, your “mash-up” becomes it’s own unique vision. Think of it as crowdsourcing inspiration to create something new, fresh and functional. In our digitized work environment, it has never been easier to see and appreciate the amazing things interior architects are creating for their clients as well as what regular people are designing for themselves.

Without a doubt – if what you want is visual stimulation – Instagram provides it. It’s a great research tool, and by taking note of how many “likes” a photo gets, you can develop an idea of where people are leaning when it comes to their bathroom design preferences.

Of course, you can always visit Semfim’s bathroom inspiration boards on Pinterest to kick-start your brainstorming sessions too. We’ve brought together hundreds of bathroom designs to help us (and other designers) create beautiful and functional hotel bathrooms.

Let us know how your research goes – and if you find anything special post it here. Have more ways to do research on Instagram? Use the comment section below.

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