Container Hotels may come off like a concept of the future but it is a rapidly growing concept in the hospitality industry today. Shipping containers are being used as the foundation for some hotels and providing affordable housing options in areas that are experiencing housing shortages. The best part of all of this is that they are doing so in a resource-driven and economic way and the results are impressive, to say the least.

The major benefits of shipping containers and their building concepts are the ability to reuse materials and create spaces that vary from raw and industrial to heavily furnished and modern. It is an architectural dream and an interior designer’s playhouse. It is a blank canvas that can be designed however you’d like and you can always expect to receive comfort, durability, and individuality in the end.

For hotels, this is a huge benefit that not only offers affordable options for guests but also provides the unique experience that many seasoned travelers feign for. Take the Contain Hotel located in the Czech Republic for instance. The 5-room micro-hotel houses up to 13 guests and has 2 floors. On the ground floor are bathrooms, storage space, and a 4-bedroom. The upper level contains 4 other rooms and a terrace. The rooms are equipped with custom-made furniture, birch plywood walls, and ceilings as well as a glazed wall that gives a great view of the waterfront landscape. The environment is intimate and communal and allows guests to take in their surroundings.

Another container housing gem is the El Faro Beach Hotel in Costa Rica. The hotel is located hillside and overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches in Manuel Antonio. From the pools to the panoramic beach views and restaurant serving authentic Costa Rican cuisine, everything you need is on the property. The exterior of the hotel is monochromatic and unapologetically industrial without taking away from the beautiful scenery that surrounds it.

Dock Inn located in Germany gives hostels a new meaning as their property provides a modern, upscale look mixed with industrial. 64 rooms are available for guests and the rooftop, sauna, theatre and gaming house is accessible 24 hours a day. The hotel relies on solar power alone and offers a view of the shipyard in every room.

Quadram Ski and Yoga Resort in Georgia will quickly help you forget that you are staying in a shipping container. The property features Euro-minimalist furnishings and provides a warm, modern and homey environment. The interior uses soft color palettes and rich wood paneling to completely offset its industrial foundation. The common areas have floor-to-ceiling windows allowing guests a view of the amazing snow-covered mountains.

There are many other spaces to come offering one-of-a-kind experiences that not only help our environment but challenges the way we see travel and hotel spaces. Container hotels is a growing trend that will have long-term effects in the hotel industry and bring a refreshing new wave of architecture and design to this genre of guest accommodations.


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