The Student Hotel began in Amsterdam and is a space that brings the student spirit to a global community. The hotel is a hub for students, travelers, creatives and professionals to connect with one another in an innovative and smart co-working and co-living environment. So what prompted this idea to come to fruition?

Charlie MacGregois, the CEO, and founder,  first set out to create accommodations for students as well as everyday people that were of quality and fun. There was also the issue of housing shortages in Amsterdam as it is a tourist hotspot. This caused waiting lists for social housing to increase making it difficult to find rooms in the area. The student hotels helped to alleviate those issues. Although it is catered more to student life, it allows people of all ages to also be fully immersed in the student culture effortlessly. Parents get a preview of what life is like for the everyday student and are even inspired by what they see during their stay.

The hotel is a mixture of contemporary student rooms, hotel rooms and studios.

The common areas have an eclectic combination of designs giving you the feel of walking into a modern workspace. Instead of traditional paintings, you will find street art murals and more of an implementation of a “club scene” in the designs. There will be bold signs and oversized quotes plastered along the space. You will also see a lot of bold colors and beautiful contrasts that meet the needs of the everyday student in the 21st century as well as the design-savvy traveler of today. There are mini classrooms, a world-class gym, an auditorium and a restaurant providing comfort food to guests. Sounds like a gold mine for student living.

The hotels are a perfect mixture of communal and private. Guests have access to quiet study spaces and private bathrooms. There are also social spaces such as the lounge areas equipped with ping-pong and pool tables for guests to interact and engage with one another. The large shared kitchen is available 24-7 for travelers and guests to dine and cook some of their own meals as well.

One can come to the conclusion that this is definitely an upgrade from the typical residence halls on a college campus. The Student Hotel was awarded Best Hotel Concept in 2012, Best Hotel Innovation Award in 2014 and continues to receive accolades for their work. So far, there are 9 student hotels built and 8 are under construction. By 2021, 40 more properties are set to be up and running and the student hotel conglomerate will hopefully be the largest connected community for co-living and co-working in the world. Like our Facebook page to learn more about some of our favorite innovative hotel spaces to come in the near future.



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