Truck Surf Hotel is a 2-story Hotel that sits on 6-wheels. The goal was to offer a form of travel and comfort that would appeal to travelers that were “chasing waves”.  Daniela Caneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro were known for doing just that, often traveling through Europe and Asia in a camper van. They wanted the luxury of being closer to the best surf spots while attracting like-minded adventurers who longed for luxurious hotel accommodations along with uncrowded parks and mountain areas. Truck Surf Hotel became the perfect solution offering a mix of a traditional hotel and Airbnb combined with the freedom to commute from destination to destination like any recreational vehicle.

The Hotel sits on a Mercedes Actros which has a hydraulic system that allows the walls and ceilings to expand when parked. On the first floor of the hotel is a living room with wood furnishings and communal couches and tables for guests to hang out and watch movies from a projection system. A buffet breakfast is served every morning in the kitchen and guests can also cook their own meals or have them catered.  The bathroom is fully equipped with a toilet and shower for guests to freshen up daily. On the second floor are 5 air-conditioned rooms with bunk beds and a private double room with a large bed for couples. While guests are out and about, the rooms are cleaned, just like any other hotel.

The large window in the interior of the truck gives way to a ton of natural light. There is also a long outdoor terrace that allows guests to sit on beanbags and take in the beautiful view of the sea.

Next time you are looking to catch some waves or enjoy outdoor activities, look into booking a stay at Truck Surf Hotel. Trips offered currently include Morocco and Portugal with one-week accommodations. To learn more about unique hotel experiences and design from around the world, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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