From kitchen hardware to electronic appliances, matte finishes are making a bold statement in 2018.  Incorporating strong yet simple elements, modern kitchen designs this year will include warm and cool grays, quiet countertop colors along with grid motifs and of course, matte elements. Let’s uncover the trends to come that will affect the layout of the modern kitchen.

More Space and Less Visible Appliances

We have all been guilty of buying more than enough appliances that eventually cause the dreaded kitchen clutter. But of course, we can never part ways with that pressure cooker we’ve neglected for years or that smoothie maker that was a huge hit last summer. So modern kitchens this year will be all about seeing less while still doing more. Pushing an air of a clean and simplistic space, small appliances are being integrated into cabinets and will be out of plain sight. Built-in appliances are gaining popularity and have proven to be effective in the overall kitchen layout. Yet for those appliances that will be left visible, you can expect them to have a matte finish.

The New Texture of Sophistication

Dining tables are being used for more than just the usual sit-down dinner. They are multifunctional and can be used as a worktable now, allowing the kitchen to be used as a place for work, rest and play. You can expect a mixture of concrete and wood to bring in a sophisticated yet ultra-modern twist to this space. Those elements replace the marble finishes and offer a more affordable and durable option for interior designers, as marble can be prone to damage. Mixing the darker colors in will give you an overall luxurious look.

Fade to Black

The popular all-white kitchen design is losing its popularity streak so you can expect to see more neutrals and matte colors this year. Replacing the high-gloss finishes, matte is proving to be more convenient as it is better at hiding stains and smudges on surfaces and is perfect for both small and large spaces. Glossy surfaces have a history of being susceptible to scratches and fingerprints.

Although trends come and go, matte is making a huge impression not only in style but in functionality as well!



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