The bathroom is an essential part of a guest’s stay at any luxury hotel. It is a sanctuary where deep thoughts and memories are often laid to rest at the end of the day and picked back up the next morning. What better way to enhance this experience by ushering in more technology and design to create an oasis for guests. The challenge is creating this with limited spacing but and here’s how design trends this year are doing this effortlessly.


Designers are expected to deliver on luxury regardless of how big or small space is. With that in mind, freestanding single-person tubs and walk-in showers are the way-to-go as these pieces are huge are space savers. Sink bowls are uniquely designed smaller and instead of cabinets, you will see more shelving and floating vanities to help create the illusion of more space.


High-tech toilets and showers continue to evolve and improve this year. Toilets will have seat warmers, automatic lids, and even an adjustable air dryer. It gets better! Smart showers will learn your preferred temperature and even play your favorite tunes while you freshen up. For those who checked out our previous post about the modern kitchen in 2018, you know that darker tones are replacing the all-white and light color palettes that were used in previous years. The same goes for the bathroom. Darker shades are becoming more acceptable and you will see more matte fixtures and dark painted accent walls.


With smaller spaces, it’s all about creating more with less. Sem Fim masterfully creates custom designs to complement any space. Click here to get more helpful tips and inspiration from our Pinterest! 


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