Inspired by the sophistication and style of the British automobile, the team at Brizo has brought a classic spin to the bathroom with their new collection, Levoir. The collection is full of nostalgia as scenes from a James Bond film and the infamous ‘MGB’ will cross your mind when you experience the ultra contemporary to the transitional design of Levoir.

One can expect to see the sleek style of 1960’s inspired architecture in many elements, especially the lavatory fixtures. The collection features products such as faucets, hand showers, tub fillers, body sprays and other accessories. Using H20kinetic Technology, Levoir also gives you a modern taste of the best shower experience you could ever have. You can control the water’s shape, temperature, and velocity.

Brizo nailed the aesthetics of this collection as they have done with others in the past. Incorporating their new Brilliance Luxe Steel finish, Levoir has a blend of cool tones interchanged with a balance of shadow and light on the surface. The lines and curvatures of the fixtures provide smooth and elegant silhouettes. There are also plenty of spouts and handle options to choose from within this collection. High and low spouts can be paired together along with high or low level or cross handles for the lavatory faucet. Take your pick, as the vast array of options are limitless.

To sum it up, Levoir oozes of timeless sophistication and modern-day luxury and offers an experience and style that James Bond would surely approve of. The collection can be customized to any space and is both daring and debonair, to say the least. To see more collections on the horizon, follow us on Pinterest for awesome inspiration @mysemfim to stay inspired!


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