It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is seeking to provide travelers with a more unique and immersive guest experience. Collaborating with pioneers in the world of tech and innovation, we are discovering some key players who are building memorable spaces that are strategic in combining new ideas and concepts while staying true to their audience.

The Hilton hotel is one of those players who has worked with The Lab at Rockwell Group in a way that is changing the landscape of hospitality design and innovation. A 42,000 square-foot showcase for hospitality design has been created as a result and is setting the stage for how the industry can present new brands, products and cutting-edge ideas to the masses.

As guests arrive at the Hilton showroom in McLean, Virginia, a large wood-clad LED wall displaying welcoming messages greets them. Beyond that is a show kitchen with 5 glass screens that can be managed from a command booth. A room offering a virtual reality experience is not too far away. The VR room is the size of a Hilton guest room and contains a 25-foot long mobile projection screen. Visitors can experience new Hilton concepts and view model rooms from their newest brands, Tru by Hilton and Canopy by Hilton. Tru by Hilton is geared toward the energy seeking, young-of-heart travelers who also desire a relaxing environment while the Canopy at Hilton supports more of a modern boutique lifestyle brand.

Another innovative concept is the Darkroom, a progressive model guestroom that showcases cutting-edge material technologies. The room is completely adaptable and is utilized for presenting the latest materials and future plans.

Another hotel that is partnering with key players in tech and innovation is the Marriott Hotel who created a new hotel prototype allowing guests to control things such as the temperature of the shower to the color of the lighting in their room through voice-activation. The smart hotel room includes devices and amenities that responds and caters to the guest’s preference. The Marriott has worked with Samsung and Legrand in building a 10,000-square-ft. Innovation Lab that offers a more connected and responsive space.

The rooms at the Marriott Hotel will be the perfect balance between relaxation for the normal guest and productivity for the business traveler. Apps and systems will be used to gather information on the behaviors and preferences of visitors with an account. The goal is to allow those with loyalty accounts to have everything they can think of when they arrive at any Marriott location around the world.

There are more to come this year as other hotels build spaces that are using the latest devices in voice-activation and immersive technology to enhance the way their guest connect and experience the hotel as a whole. Like us on Facebook to see more @mysemfim.


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