Hotel Koé has merged fashion and hospitality into one space. In an effort to launch the flagship shop for the brand Koé, the design team at Suppose Design Office came up with the concept of a hotel that allows guests to shop and experience the brand 24/7.

The hotel is perfectly placed in the district of Shibuya, known for fashion and culture. On the first floor, is a restaurant and pop up space offering live music and becomes a dance floor on the weekends. Visitors are able to come in, grab a meal and relax to some of the latest tunes. They can also find some Koé apparel where they are encouraged to shop at their leisure. A grand wooden staircase on the floor offers guests and visitors a place to sit after they purchase a bite from the café and also leads to the second floor where original apparel and accessories are available. On some occasions, guests can also purchase special pieces being offered from different artist collaborations. Between the hours of 9 pm- 11 pm the shore is left unattended. Guests can still make purchases however by simply accessing the self-checkout kiosk and paying with a card.

The third floor, opposite of the live and social atmosphere of the floors right below it, is a space for quiet and relaxation. Each room is distinguished by a digital sign displaying room sizes ranging from S, M, L, and XL. A private lounge is also available to guests where the lights are used to create an optical illusion of depth in the room. Inspired by the Japanese process for charring wood into a natural material called shou-sugi ban, the space features dark moody hues of charcoal and incorporates other Japanese elements. Paper lanterns, paper screen doors, and recessed spaces allow for an authentic Japanese experience. Let’s not forget the modern furniture and fixtures and you get a contemporary twist to the layout.

Reminiscent of a traditional teahouse, hotel Koé provides a unique shopping experience and is the perfect attraction for locals and tourists alike. It is the perfect blend of serene and social depending on what level of the hotel you land on and the shopping experience doesn’t stop during regular retail hours.

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