As the holiday rush continues, hotels prepare for travelers without skipping the holiday cheer, especially in design. Seasonal designs leave room for curators and designers to reach new heights with Christmas-themed elements and we are here for it! Viral videos continue to circulate in everyday people decorating their homes and doing a complete transformation of the space.  Who wouldn’t want a winter wonderland themed driveway?  So, hotels are also ensuring that no matter where you go, the joys of the holiday season follows. Let’s take a look at how some hotels are able to tastefully place holiday themed décor into some of their keyspaces.

The most integral part of designing for the holidays is incorporating a Christmas tree or two or even 10! In some cases, the bigger the tree, the better. Todd Outhouse, the creator of the holiday décor spaces for The Duniway and Hilton Portland, placed 26 large holiday trees with 25 smaller accent trees on tabletops and pedestals of the main lobby in the Hilton Portland hotel. The challenge was decorating the space to fit the hotels new color palette. Outhouse kept the colors simple and stuck with white, silver, pewter with accents of gold geometric shapes that hung from the chandeliers. He was able to create a space that complemented the new design of the hotel and didn’t skimp out on the holiday décor.

The culturally inspired design is also a huge plus when designing for the holidays. Not everyone believes in Old St. Nick and designers must cater to guests from different backgrounds without the risk of alienating other groups.  The safest approach to designing for the holidays is to keep the theme festive without losing authenticity.  With the location in mind, designers incorporate what’s trending along with key colors and textures that pull from local cultural influence. Gabriela Van der Lee of The Hilton in Los Cabos describes how the holiday design theme featured décor inspired by Mexican artisan work. “We maintain much of the authenticity of the local culture by including all local vendors,” says Van der Lee.  Lisa Coccoli of the Boca Raton Resort & Club recognized that the current trend for the season was décor that came in white, gold, and silver. With this in mind, the hotel avoided the typical Christmas red and green colors to avoid excluding traditions of other guests.

So, when it comes to holiday decor, designers have a challenging yet rewarding and awesome task of bringing everyone together through the design of holiday decor.  To see some of SemFim’s favorite holiday-inspired designs, follow our Instagram page and get inspired!


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