Boutique hotels have grown to become a popular choice for the seasoned traveler who seeks a more intimate environment in comparison to the standard hotel experience. These one-off hotels are often times placed in some of the most uncommon destinations from around the world. We are highlighting 3 boutique hotels that you just may want to discover and add to your itinerary this year.

  1. Dunton Hot Springs, Dolores Colorado

What was once a mining cave, Dunton Hot Springs is now a luxurious hotel tucked away in the valleys and meadows of rocky Colorado. The area was considered a ghost town before the boutique hotel underwent its renovations. Today, it is a staple for travelers who seek a getaway filled with nature and western comfort. Guests have a lot to take in once they arrive at their luxury cabin as their surroundings include the breathtaking San Juan Mountain, beautiful hot springs, and a winding river. Cabins and tents are decorated with handpicked period antiques, classic wooden furniture with rustic rugs and heated slate floors. Guests have access to a saloon, dance hall and a bathhouse equipped with a floor-to-ceiling window offering a remarkable view of the mountains. The landscape of the alpine valley changes seasonally, making this spot one visit more than a few times a year.


  1. Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah

The Amangiri hotel located in Utah is an architectural dream. With clean-lined sandstone, the hotel is perfectly nestled among deep canyons. Surrounding it is Utah’s Lake Powell, which adds to the serene environment. The hotel offers 34 suites, a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and a hotel bar that is equipped to make your favorite cocktail. After you enter your suite through the private courtyard, you’ll have access to your bedroom and living area. The rooms are designed with materials and color that complement the natural setting. Their Navajo-inspired spa is one to experience while there. At 2,322 sq ft, the Aman spa provides unique treatments that channel the Navajo culture and healing traditions. Guests also have access to the resort’s world-class hiking and rock-climbing activities. 5 climbing routes are readily available for those thrill-seeking travelers looking for some exploration and adventure in the canyons as well as biking trails and guided excursions. It is safe to say that this spot is the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor adventure.


  1. The Kumaon, Himalayas

Last on the list but certainly not lacking in providing a unique and immersive guest experience, the Kumaon is a minimalist hotel hidden high above the Himalayas. With 10 luxury suites, a sun lounge, library and a gourmet restaurant, you get a very intimate and peaceful setting with just enough entertainment. The mountains, lakes, valleys, and forests that surround the location is an added bonus as the Kumaon is 1600m above sea level and is positioned near the historic city of Almora in India. The interior of the hotel has a modern look and feel to it while having been built and equipped with locally sourced materials. The layout is simple and rustic and highlights the stones, bamboo, pinewood , and textiles of the area. Local weavers crafted the woolen fabrics used for the bedding and furnishings while all of the furniture itself was made on-site. It is an oasis infused with culture and breathtaking views. The hotel has plans to become an eco-friendly and sustainable property in the near future so there is more to look forward to with this hidden gem.


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