Last weekend’s Art Basel was a beautiful chaos; a torrent of people, art and events that becomes more inventive every year. Presenting artwork from all over the world, it brings over 70,000 art lovers and professionals together for four days of visual overdrive. It is a mainstay Miami event, introducing art aficionados to the masters and the up-and-coming. The New York Times said “Among the galleries at Art Basel Miami Beach… you will find, as always, a mix of blue-chip trophies, rising talents…and genuine discoveries.” This year that was exceptionally true.


Art Basel’s story begins in 1970’s Switzerland, a showcase of modern and contemporary art. In it’s inaugural year, it attracted nearly 100 exhibitors and 16,000 people. Fast forward nearly five decades, and Art Basel has become one of the largest art fairs in the world. It’s focus on cutting edge art and gallery-friendliness made it a premier event that attracted some of the world’s most prestigious artists.


In 2002, they began to spread their wings with Art Basel Miami – and  Miami’s and Latin America’s artworld was never the same.


The global design world joined in on the fun, from fashion to architecture. Gucci commissioned a mural from Coco Capitan, her signature scribble tagging the stores tower. Art Basel Miami’s 10,000 square foot VIP lounge was designed by furniture brand BDDW – combining luxury and relaxation so that art buyers can quibble about their next acquisition in comfort. The Miami Design District dressed their palm trees in light-refracting trim – an outdoor piece called “White Rain” created by architecture team Charlap Hyman & Herrero.  Wherever you went it was a feast for senses – all in honor of Art Basel.


We look forward to seeing what comes next as Art Basel Miami continues to surprise and entice us with beautiful art as well as inspire collaborations within the design community that makes every year a unique experience. Kudos.


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