With most travelers, a direct flight is a golden ticket and the stop between destinations can be somewhat of an unpleasant experience. Fyra Interior has created an environment at the Cumulus Resort Airport Congress Hotel that is both warm and welcoming for guests, providing a new meaning to the term layover. This hotel was designed to change your outlook and experience during your mid-trip pit stop to your final destination.

Fyra, a Finnish interior design studio, recently completed a new design for the hotel that is located next to the Helsinki Airport. The goal is to change the way travelers view airport hotels by creating a space that is both alluring and inviting for travelers. With a solution-driven angle in mind, the rooms are designed to maximize space. The layout of the room includes built-in furniture such as fold-down beds that at first resemble cabinets but can be pulled out for larger groups and open space shelving for guests to easily store their personal belongings.

Finnish Scandinavian design elements are incorporated into the overall layout of the hotel. When you arrive, a huge sign that resembles a large traditional Finnish wooden dining table reads ‘HELLO’ and greets guests before they reach the reception desk. A giant media wall is stationed in the lobby showcasing clips of Finnish natural scenes. In one room, the decor includes light natural wood palettes with floor to ceiling white tiles in the bathroom to add a nice balance of light. In another room, there is a darker wood finish on the furniture with a darker tile used in the bathroom to provide a bit of drama. The hallways are kept simple with pictograms used as signage all around the hotel.

In the communal areas of the hotel, you can find a nice work area equipped with small laptop tables and comfortable booths. A long wooden table in a light wood is placed along the window. Add in the use of modern furniture and you create a more appealing atmosphere for guests. Guests also have access to a small kitchen on each floor with a microwave and faucet as well as additional storage units.

With these design upgrades, hotel airports will be seen as an added bonus to the overall experience when traveling. Stay up-to-date with some of our design work and more of what inspires us on our social channels by following @mysemfim.


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