4 Ways Hotels Are Appealing to the Business Traveler

Business never stops and hotels are catching on to the needs of guests who are on-the-clock 24-7 and are traveling for business. Hotels are finding convenient and innovative ways to appeal to the business traveler who desire the comforts of home while they’re away from loved ones. Here are 4 ways that hotels are making the business traveler feel at home.

Making the Space Feel Like Home

Hotel rooms are adding a welcome nook upon entry where guests can conveniently hang their coat, keys and shoes.  This small yet impressionable addition to the layout of the room is reminiscent of a mudroom in a traditional home. The designs are meant to allow the business traveler to make space their own and adapt from business to leisure seamlessly.

More Spaces Available to Discuss Business

Hotels are also incorporating flexible meeting areas within their lobbies for those who want to talk business in a more open and social environment. Adopting design elements and ideas from co-working spaces, hotels are attracting locals and business travelers alike. For those who prefer a more peaceful setting, private rooms are still available. As the creative juices are flowing, guests have access to tablets where they can order food and drinks without having to step out of the room. This feature has proven to be a popular option for both guests and business travelers.

Offering More Dining Options

More dining options have become another aspect of the hotel experience that guests can now look forward to. Hotels are adding more options for guests who have traveled for long periods of time and are always on the lookout for the nearest restaurant. Grab-and-go eateries are a great option made available to guests. Hotels are bringing more casual restaurants serving dishes from breakfast to dinner, cutting travel time and keeping it convenient for their guest.

Check-in and Booking Made Simpler

Guests can now access a digital key from their smartphone without the hassle of moving around with a room key. Some hotels have also created an in-house app that allows the traveler to book a room, check-in and request additional items before even stepping foot into the lobby.

So whenever you are creating a guest experience for any luxury hotel, consider these design elements that are drawing in the business traveler. SemFim’s closet designs are second to none and are created as the focal point in any guest room. The business traveler has to dress to impress and well-designed closets ensure that every guest can look and feel their best. Check out some of the design elements that SemFim incorporates to create a welcoming space for guests on their website and social media pages.



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