There is nothing like the me-time indulgence of a long bath. Being able to soak away the stress after a long conference or just securing some uninterrupted time for yourself – the bath is the one place no one dares to disturb you. For those much needed getaways – architectural and interior designers have created amazing bathroom retreats. Here are just some:

Il Salvatino, Florence, Italy

You will find our first example within the confines of a lovingly restored 15th century villa outside of Florence, Italy. Antiques, classic artwork and frescoes make you feel like the spirit of the Renaissance has never left us. But just because the surroundings are historical,  does not mean the bathroom amenities are. Spa bathtubs are integrated with the classical ambiance. Dark oak wood and ivory porcelain exuding  warmth and luxury. Some rooms feature sit down LED-lit rain showers; a touch of the future in a place so in tune with its past. Il Salvatino has aged gracefully in our modern world.

Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, Australia

Planted on the edge of an island, facing the Pacific, is the Southern Ocean Hotel – a minimalist jewel designed by award-winning architect Max Pritchard. Their bathrooms are designed to allow you to witness the awesome power of nature. The open bathrooms give you views across the lush foliage, the sea and past the horizon. Sink into the hand sculptured granite bath and take in the natural beauty of the island. Heated limestone floors are a nice touch, as well as the deluxe rain shower. These bathrooms call out to your spiritual side.

La Residence, Franschoek, South Africa

When you say “boutique bathroom”, La Residence immediately comes to mind. Eclectic is the only word for these magnificent hideaways. With the free-standing bath tubs as the centerpiece, the guest will be surrounded by the modern opulence meticulously concocted by owner Liz Biden. Some bathrooms face out into the vineyards and mountains, a visual treat as you relax in a warm, bubbly bath. It’s something Louis XV would have loved.

And that concludes our small tour of the world’s most luxurious bathrooms. Sanctuaries that are designed to not only give you that much needed time for reflection – but also provide you with windows into other universes. Keep searching. There are more out there.

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